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Suzhou Judong Hardware Co., Ltd
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Established in June 2001 and situated at Taiping Taibao Industrial Zone, lakefront of Yangcheng Lake, Suzhou, Suzhou Judong Hardware Co., Ltd. specializes in precision screws, nuts, washers, lathe parts, etc. With automotive production and inspection equipment, such as formers, thread rolling machines, combined machines of screws and washes, CNC lathes, projectors, torsion meters, flow-type salt spray test chambers, and a scientific and precise management, we realize the integration of production, supply and sales.


We produce high quality fasteners with GB, JIS, DIN, ANSI and non-standard fasteners according to clients’ requirements for foreign and domestic sales. What’s more, we obtained ISO9001(2000) certification and received recognition from many Chinese import and export enterprises. Our products are widely used in such industries as electron, mechanical and electrical, electric auto, electric power, transportation, machinery, chemical and industrial industries.


With the quality policy of customer first, quality as the lead, all staff involved and stable development, Judong will continue to advance R&D ability and product quality to move up its competitiveness. We are your trustworthy partner!

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Li mei hua 业务员
Phone: 0512-65438015-8001
Mobile: 18912780370
Fax: 0512-65430186
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Mr Zhong
Phone: 0512-65430185
Mobile: 18912780677
Fax: 0512-65430186
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